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How to get a job as a
Restaurant Waiter or Waitress

waiter or waitress

If you have recently left school without going on to further education, or you are unemployed and looking for a job as a waiter/waitress, and have no experience. In that case, this training handbook will help you.

Fortunately, there are skills and techniques you can learn to make your job application stand out from the other candidates.
This short training handbook covers the following critical subjects in enough detail, to give you the knowledge and confidence to be successful as a waiter/waitress;
• The basic requirements
• Waiter and Waitress skills
• Serving skills
• Multitasking
• Restaurant knowledge
• Communication skills
• Personal management skills

If you want to be successful working in a restaurant, this short handbook will give you the skills that restaurant owners are looking for.

How to get a job - waiter /waitress

Check out the skills required to become a Waiter or Waitress